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If the Australian summer has finally got you
in a lather, it might be time to invest in an
air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Brands We Recommend

We work with trusted brands.

This ensures that they are readily available as well as spare parts.
Using lesser known brands or cheaper generic brands can lead to problems down the track when
the system requires new parts or servicing.

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Ducted vs. Split systems: Which Is Best?

Deciding on what cooling to install is usually down to two types of air conditioning systems for the Queensland weather..
Ducted and split air conditioning systems are the two systems that we install, service and provide maintenance for.
Both have several obvious and less obvious differences. These differences can become even greater depending on where they are installed.
We are the Sunshine Coast aircon experts and we can help you choose the best system for your home or workplace It seems like the pros and cons
of the two options
balance each other out, making it difficult to decide which is the better option. But, again, it’s a weighing of costs and benefits in the context
of your living situation.

If cooling your entire home quickly and can budget for power costs, then a ducted air conditioner is undoubtedly the best choice. 
If you have a limited budget and can live with cooling only one or two rooms, then a split air conditioner is just what you need and
will save your hip pocket!

Remember that the type of property you live in will affect which type of air conditioner is best for you.
Your home may not be suitable for a ducted system which makes a choice quite simple! 

Air Conditioning

For New Homes

Five important points to consider 

1. What type of air-conditioner do you want for your new home? 
2. How do you get an initial air conditioning estimate?
3. Are you working with contractors to install the new air conditioning system?
4. When are payments due for the new air conditioner?
5. What warranty do you offer, and what about maintenance?

ducted air conditioning sunshine coast
ducted air conditioning sunshine coast

What Type Of Air Conditioning System

In your new home?

If you’re building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, there’s a good chance you’ll need air conditioning. 
Let Sunshine Coast Aircon help you plan and choose the right air conditioning system for your new home. 
For new homes, the main choices are duct systems, multi-head systems and single-split systems. 
The vast majority of our customers building new homes opt for a ducted air conditioning system. 
New ducted air conditioners are a popular choice because they cover all living and sleeping areas and are a very clean solution with only one outdoor condenser.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

To keep your air conditioner working to it’s best capacity and to keep your energy usage under control –
Regular air conditioner servicing and aircon cleaning is needed.
It will also ensure that the air you are breathing is clean!

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Split System Air Conditioners

Split air conditioners are a popular type of cooling system that is characterized by their ductless design. The indoor unit looks like a long rectangle embedded in a wall of your home, while the outdoor unit, called a condenser or compressor, looks like a large metal box. 
Advantages of split system air conditioners
Many people prefer split system air conditioners because of these advantages:
Easier installation
Higher energy efficiency

Blends in with the decor Quieter operation Increased safety Zoning We are proud of our reputation and deliver the highest quality products and customer service standards over more than two decades on the Sunshine Coast. Every customer gets our utmost care and respect, from the free initial needs assessment and estimate, through installation, to our industry-leading service and warranty packages.

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How Do You Get An Air Conditioning Estimate?

Once you have decided on the layout of your new home and have detailed floor plans, you can email us your plans. And request an initial recommendation and estimate. If you have special requirements, e.g. certain areas that need to be air-conditioned separately, please let us know these requirements early. Also, if you would like to finance the new air conditioning system via a payment plan, please let us know early. After receiving your plans via email, we will review them and provide you with an initial recommendation and quote via email. We recommend three leading brands of ducted air conditioning, namely
Mitsubishi Electric,
Fujitsu and
Actron Air. 

Our experience has shown that these brands are top quality. However, this initial estimate is subject to final system fit and a good site and frame inspection. At this stage, builders usually realise how cheaper a specialist air conditioning company like Sunshine Coast Aircon is than the builder’s proposed option. 

SunshineCoast Air Con

Why we are the trusted Air conditioning Installation Team On The Sunshine Coast

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Both types of air conditioners do the same job – to cool your home – but the way they do it is entirely different. So let’s get an overview of their features.

Ducted air conditioners are suitable for most households and offer features that any other type of air conditioner cannot match.  
Air conditioners with ducts can cool your entire house and provide a stable and even temperature. 
You may rest assured that wherever you are in the house, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.
If you value energy efficiency and don’t want cool rooms that aren’t being used, you can zone your ducted air conditioner. It means that you can run it only in the rooms where you want it. For example, you can set up a bedroom zone for nighttime and a living room zone for watching TV during the day.
Ducted air conditioners are also incredibly discreet, as the only part you see are the vents through which the cooled air comes through the ceiling or floor. All of the operating equipment is safely concealed where it will not be seen. It means you no longer have to find space for a wall unit or try to decorate around a split system! 
Even though they are inconspicuous, they are still easily accessible for maintenance or repair.

A split air conditioner is composed of an outdoor unit and an inside unit. The outside unit is placed against or near the room’s outer wall to be cooled, and it is composed of the compressor, condenser coil, and expansion coil or capillary tubes. The slim-looking indoor unit contains a cooling coil, a long blower, and an air filter.

We have been in business continuously for over 20 years and only install quality air conditioning systems.
To prove that we stand behind the quality of our work, we offer a 5-year warranty on new installation work.
In addition, all new installations we supply come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
So all in all, you get a very comprehensive 5-year warranty on your new air conditioning system.
Apart from cleaning the filters, your role in maintaining your system is minimal. Therefore, we recommend professional maintenance of your new system at least every 18 months.
As a courtesy, we will send you a reminder when your care is due. In addition, you can find our current air conditioning maintenance prices here.

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