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Air Con Cleaning And Maintenance

Why should I clean my air conditioner?
Over time, you may find that your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it used to.
Maybe it’s not blowing out as much air, or perhaps it’s not cooling your home as well. Don’t worry, often it simply can be because it’s dirty.
Regular cleaning and replacing of filters should something you should regularly perform to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and keeping your family healthy.
You’ll be surprised how often a good cleaning can get a seemingly worn-out air conditioner running like new again.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Cleaning your split air conditioning system
Unfortunately, not too many people clean their air conditioners often enough. It’s not something people think about when they clean their home.
You may dust or clean the internal air conditioner head , but what about the dirt and mould spores that stays out of sight.

It may not be a pleasant job, but it is one you should do more frequently.
If you do not wish to do this cleaning – We are happy to do regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance at your home or workplace.

Using The Right Cleaning solution
A coil cleaner can make it easy to remove all the dirt from your air conditioner. However, liquid cleaners are usually preferred because foam options can get messy and leave foam everywhere. Also, they may not be able to penetrate as deeply into the fan blades or coils.
Stronger chemical cleaners should be avoided if your air conditioner is new.
Newer units often have a protective hydrophilic coating on their coils that some chemicals can remove.
It is best to get a cleaning solution with some nozzle. It will allow you to get deep into all the crevices and clean the unit accurately.

Cleaning Your Ducted Air Con

Is my air duct system worth cleaning?
Considering how expensive air conditioners can be, cleaning them every few months can help you save on your bottom line, and you and your family can enjoy a relaxed, healthy breeze for longer.
Furthermore, a little maintenance saves you repair costs, a higher energy bill, and an intolerable summer seems like a small price to pay.
While caring for your air conditioner is a relatively simple task on its own, if you have any uncertainties, call the experts at  for assistance rather than doing it yourself and causing a mess.

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Ventilation ducts and fan coil unit
While the vents and exterior/outdoor unit are simple to clean, the duct work and fan coil require more effort, as these tricky sections are more likely to be damaged and potentially hurt if you’re unfamiliar with the system.
Ducts can become damaged over time, especially if your home is prone to unwanted visitors, such as possums, which means air can escape through holes in the ducts.
Not only are you wasting energy if your ducts have holes, but dust and grime – as well as other nasty particles – can be transferred into your rooms, indicating the possibility that your air quality isn’t as good as you think.
To inspect and repair your air ducts, contact us to inspect and repair your ducted system.