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How Does A Ducted Air Conditioning System Work?

Most people think of air conditioning as the unit that sits outside, but that is only one component of ducted air conditioning. In addition, there is another unit that is housed in the roof. 

This rooftop unit is the indoor air conditioner, while the outdoor unit is the compressor/condenser unit. 
Both units form the engine of the ducted air conditioning system, Air is pumped through a system of pipes called ducts, laid out in the roof space. 
The ducts are usually silver to better reflect heat, which helps keep the air inside cool as it moves.
A steel spiral inside the duct often provides additional stability, and extra insulation contributes to better energy efficiency.
The energy efficiency of ducted air conditioners is improved by dividing the room into different areas (‘zoning’). 
The system can work more effectively, usually using a ‘drain zone’ or ‘constant area’ to ensure that the whole system is never completely closed. 

If the system were to close completely, air pressure could build up in the pipes, which could cause damage.

Rooms or areas are zoned individually, allows the control of the airflow into each zone. This helps energy efficiency, and keeping doors and windows closed will further help.Air regulators (or dampers) control the air circulation in each zone, with air entering via a diffuser. There are different designs of air diffusers, but they all perform the same task as a vent to let air into the desired space. The dampers open and close to allow the treated air to enter the room, and when a zone is turned off, the damper closes completely.

The air is returned to the system via return air grilles. As with the diffusers, the grilles come in a variety of finishes to suit any visual taste. These essential pieces of the puzzle also house air filters that help clean the circulating air. 
Some more advanced air outlets have an LED light that alerts the user that the filter needs cleaning. Dirty air grilles and filters affect the efficiency of air conditioners. Your filters must be kept clean.

What Is A Ducted Air Conditioner Suitable For?

Air-conditioning systems with air ducts are also well suited for office buildings: no more annoying putting on and taking off jackets when moving from a cold office to a hot office heated by the sunlight streaming through the wall-high windows. 
Zoned control also allows for greater flexibility and distribution of air where it is needed. Quiet operation means less disruption to work, and ducted air conditioning’s world-class filtration ensures clean air day and night. The indoor components of ducted air conditioners come in various designs for a wide range of situations. 

They can blend seamlessly into the décor of a room or be a central design element (like ceiling roses used to be): so they are also ideal for renovating or building a dream home.

Different Types Of Ducted Air Conditioners

There are different types of ducted air conditioning units, and your choice will depend on your specific property and needs. Still, our expert advice will undoubtedly help you make the right final decision.

Ducted air conditioners (also known as recirculation units) are ideal for family homes that need cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. They are easy to control and can be centrally zoned to reduce operating costs further. 
The air is circulated about a dozen times an hour, and the fan, piping and fittings in the roof space. Generally, these systems need servicing every eighteen months, which increases durability and energy efficiency. In addition, the compressor is located outdoors, which helps to keep noise levels to a minimum.

A refrigerant flow ducted air conditioning system is perhaps the most prestigious of all ducted air conditioning systems. 
This type of system is perfect for multi-storey homes that have limited ductwork void space and commercial buildings. They are compact in design and offer individual room/area climate control with high-quality components and high energy efficiency.

When choosing the right aircon system for your situation, consider the following when purchasing:

  • The building’s layout, including room size, location and orientation (e.g. sunny or shady).
  • The size and position of doors and windows
  •  The type of home and what are the insulation elements.
  •  The number of people using the building, how many are likely to be in each room at any one time, and how the rooms are used (e.g. sleeping, eating, working, etc.)

Advantages Of Using Ducted Air Conditioning Units

With our 20+ years of experience installing air conditioning, we know that ducted air conditioners offer more benefits to the user than other air conditioning solutions when considering your climate control needs. There is a cooling system to suit every need, and reverse cycle air conditioning systems have the advantage of being able to heat and cool: comfortable in summer, cosy in winter. 

The benefits of a ducted air conditioning system include:

  • The flexibility of choice for your individual needs
  • Lower running costs due to a wide selection of units with high energy performance
  • Many units have programmable settings that reduce energy waste and further lower air conditioning operating costs.
  • State-of-the-art units and ducts provide greater energy efficiency, with latent temperatures controlled at the touch of a button.
  • Cooled duct air conditioning reduces indoor humidity and circulates purified air several times per minute during the summer months.
  • The wide choice of devices and components means that the overall system can be customised to suit individual tastes and requirements, enhancing the aesthetics and increasing the value of your home.
  • Systems can now be controlled via wifi applications, allowing complete control of the system remotely from smartphones or iPad.

Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for new homes as a first-time installation or replacement for existing air conditioning systems.

Home Automation For Your Air Conditioning

This innovative technology connects your Mitsubishi Electric ducted and wall-mounted air conditioners to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to control any unit on the go via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

  • Control from anywhere – view and control from anywhere in the world with wifi.
  • Optional extras – the wifi controller is an optional extra
  • Excellent customisation options – thanks to this innovative technology, you have numerous functions of your air conditioner under control at all times. You turn the system on and off, set the target temperature, change the mode, fan speed and air direction.
  • Control multiple units – adjust the settings of every air conditioner in your home. Purchase multiple adapters to manage all air conditioners independently from the same account for complete control over your systems.

To find out how your home or office can also benefit from the advantages of ducted air conditioning, reduce your energy bills and create a home or workplace atmosphere that suits your needs, contact Sunshine Coast Aircon today for a free no-obligation quote.
We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our rapidly growing list of delighted customers.

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