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ducted air conditioning sunshine coast

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Ducted air conditioner system
Everyone deserves to enjoy a comfortable and climate controlled  home,. The ultimate in comfort and luxury is to install a ducted air conditioner. If you’re not familiar with ducted air conditioners or don’t know how they work, we’ve outlined everything you need to know here. For more information or to see how to install a ducted air conditioner in your home, we have the professionals at to help you with your problem.

Expert Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

All that you need to know about ducted air conditioners
A ducted air conditioner is capable of cooling the entire house. It works by cooling the air in a central unit and then distributing
the chilled air throughout your home via ducts or outlets in each room or zone. 
Ducted aircon offers full climate control so you can cool or heat your home the way you want it to be.
You can can cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter.
Depending on your home, the central air conditioners are installed in the roof cavity.
It is always easier to install ducted air conditioning for a new home build or when you are undertaking extensive renovations.

How Do Ducted Air Conditioners Work?

As the name suggests, ducted air conditioners primarily work by using a series of ducts to keep you cool. Ducted air conditioners have an internal fan coil unit that sits in your roof cavity. A series of ducts run from the unit and go into the different rooms. The ducts that go to each room can be set to different temperatures. The temperatures are controlled by a central thermostat that is placed on a wall. You can select the temperature for each room or area. If you are undertaking a new home build or significant renovations, ducted air conditioning is viable.

Installing ducted air conditioning is a costly project.

If heating or cooling is to a specific room or area, then a ducted air conditioner is overkill. You may want to consider a split system for ease of installation and lower running costs. Ducted air conditioners are a durable solution and the most effective air conditioner for cooling or heating your home, but they also have a few notable drawbacks. Read More About The differences in Ducted Air conditioning To Split Systems

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ducted air conditioning sunshine coast