Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have To Clean My AirCon

You may find that your air conditioner isn’t working well over time. Maybe it’s not pushing as much air out, or perhaps it’s not cooling your home as much.
Don’t worry that doesn’t necessarily mean it has malfunctioned- often, it can simply be because it’s dirty.
Either way, cleaning should be your first port of call when you diagnose a problem, and it’s also something you should do regularly for the maintenance of your air conditioner.
You’ll be surprised how often a good cleaning can get a seemingly worn-out air conditioner running like new again.

Best Type Of Air Conditioning?

There is no wrong or right answer!
On the Sunshine Coast, Ducted air conditioning and Split Air Conditioners are both equally used.
They both have pros and cons which we can answer.
The main points of differeance will come down to the size of your home, how many rooms need to be cooled, the running
costs and the installation costs. We are happy to help you choose the best cooling system for your home or workplace.

What is better:
Ducted Air Con?

Ducted air conditioners are highly versatile and are controlled by a zoning system that allows different areas to be turned on or off as needed. Depending on the system installed, they can cool or heat rooms or areas.
The entire system can be controlled by a timer so that rooms can be cooled as needed without leaving the air conditioning on all day.
This type of system is ideal for a modern family home when multiple rooms are in use simultaneously. There are no noticeable warm or cold areas in the house so that you can move around comfortably.

What is better:
Split Systems?

Their relatively low purchase price is an advantage of a split systems.
Another advantage is that installation is not that time-consuming – a licensed electrician can often do it in a day or less.
Because the unit is relatively small, it is best suited to cooling or heating a room. Split systems are an efficient option for climate control in one room or small area. They are less effective in larger rooms or open areas.
Rarely can a split air conditioner cool or heat an entire house.

What are the advantages of ducted air conditioning?

With a ducted air conditioning system, your home or office will never suffer from hot or cold spots again. Purified air is evenly
distributed to the areas you need with zone control and runs smoothly, efficiently and quietly.
You’ll find that a ducted air conditioner is a perfect choice for your home or office.
Wifi control. Wifi Air Conditioning Control opens the door to smart heating or cooling for total home comfort.

Drawbacks Of A Split System Air Conditioner?

Split systems are not as effective to offer complete climate control. There will always be a cold area underneath the internal unit.
Ducted systems allow your children do their homework in the comfort of their rooms, while parents can watch their favourite TV programmes in peace.

Is one brand of air conditioner better?

We always use and install brands that are well known and well regarded.
If you see an air conditioner on sale and you have not heard of the brand before – This is a good indication of why it is being sold at a good price.
Trusted and quality brands are worth paying that little bit extra for.
You know you will get customer service from within Australia and spare parts and warranties are easier to manage.
We work with several different brands and this is due to ease of being able to order in stock, spare part availability and customer service.
We also know what works on the Sunshine Coast.
The brands that your friends use in Melbourne may not be suitable for Queensland’s different climate.