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Installing Air Conditioning

Before you even start buying an air conditioner, you first want to make your home thermally efficient.

The First 4 Factors Before You Buy An Air Conditioner

When you’re looking at what size of an air conditioner to buy, there are four things that you want to think about the most:
1. What size is the room that you’re going to be putting it in.
2. Second, how well insulated is that room. 
Where’s your home located? It’s going to be different whether in Darwin or Sydney, or Hobart.

3. Lastly, what’s the orientation of the room that you’re putting it in is it facing north, is it facing west, is it going to get full sun, is it well shaded. These four factors will tell you what size air conditioner is going to be best for your home and the living areas.
Installing the best insulation is by far the best thing you can do the more efficient you can make your home at keeping the heat in when you need it and letting the heat out when you don’t need it. It’s is essential that you get the right size of air conditioner for the room or space that it’s going to go in. Getting all this information ready before you go air conditioner shopping will ensure that you’re not buying a bigger air conditioner than you need, and all mean you don’t need to run it as often. You may find you don’t even need to buy one at all!
Likewise, if you try to save money and buy a smaller and cheaper unit that is too small for the room, that air conditioner will have to work a lot harder to keep the room cool or warm.
It will wear out faster and need to be repaired or replaced ahead of what the correct sized unit would need.
By choosing the correct size is essential, To calculate what size of air conditioner you need to do it properly, you need quite a bit of information.
You will need to measure the room,  which includes the width, length and ceiling height.
The sort of insulation in the ceiling on the floor and in the walls is also considered. The room’s orientation, the size of the windows and what window coverings you have or what you are planning to have.
We look at where  the house is located.
Often installers will recommend a size it’s probably a bit bigger than what the room needs if the air conditioner is too big for the space that it’s in, then it might be running short cycles, and it’s not going to dry out the air as effectively, and that’s not good for wear and tear.
With all that information together, you can then calculate what you need for your home.
Of course, we can also help you with this step and then recommend the systems that we know will suit you, your home and your budget the best.

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