air conditioning sunshine coast

A question we are often asked by new home builders.
Do you work with builders to install new air conditioning?
And the answer is – Yes,
We have worked with many Sunshine Coast builders over the years and have had many positive experiences.

It is always a great idea to talk to an air conditioning expert when you are starting to plan your new home.
Different types of buildings will suit different types of heating and cooling.
For example, if your new home has more than one floor and you want ductless air conditioning everywhere, you need to make sure that arrangements are made during the construction process to install the ductwork.

Specifically, we need to ensure that our lead electrician visits the site as soon as the frame is in place and meets with you and the site manager.
We want to agree on the type and size of the system we will install.

We look at the following specs
How many diffusers will be installed?
The size of the diffusers
The areas that will be zoned
Where the duct drop points will be,
How many control panels are required
Where the control panels will be located
Where the outdoor condensing unit will be located.

After this site visit and based on the discussions on-site, we will prepare a detailed written quotation for you.
Once you have chosen us your air conditioning contractor, your builder will often request copies of our BSA, Arctik, WorkCover, Public Liability Insurance and Health and Safety procedures.
As requested by your builder, we can forward copies of all these important documents (usually by email) to your builder’s administration department.

We always provide the information on time to avoid unnecessary delays.
We then come to the site with your builder to install the indoor fan coil unit and drip traps during the building process.
We then start the installation and come back just before the house is completed to complete the installation and show you how it works.

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